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. reporting on one west virginia city taking extraordinary steps to stay out of bankruptcy and to keep those pensioners paid. >> reporter: charleston, west virginia, first responders dealing today with a barricaded gunman. after 20 years on the job they have access to healthcare and are guaranteed generous pensions. >> oh, it's sweet. you could retire with $50,000 a year for life. >> reporter: but the residents are dealing with the payout that could easily exceed $1 million for each retiree. there the is so little fun that they're dipping in their general fund to keep the pensioners paid, and that general fund used to pay for street keening and salaries. >> we were paying 8% of our budgets into these retirement pensions. now we're paying 11.3% and it will go out. >> reporter: the mayor stopped payout to the pension fund, in 2009 charleston had one of the country's worst funded pensions. it only had $0.24 for every dollar it promised to pay retirees. in all, the 100 largest cities in america were underfunded by $9 billion. and standar standard and standa. >> pensions were close to 100% funded
to make up the difference. i'll show you how charleston, west virginia, is raising revenues and cutting costs so it can pay its pensions. >> reporter: the city is about to impose .005 cents sales tax and is charging everyone a $2 a week fee. >> we've got that story and much more as real money continues. keep it right here. what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? it drives discussion across america. share your story on tv and online. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news was always important in my family. >>i knew as a kid that was exactly what i wanted to do. >>i learned to read by reading the newspaper with my great-grandfather every morning. >>and i love being able to tell other people stories. >>this is it, i want to be a part of this. >>this is what really drove me to al jazeera america.
. democratic senator manchin confronts his own party leader for the war on coal. the west virginia leader how he is planning to fight the new head of the environmental protection agency. >> and behind memphis bombing bow- toy business. you will want to meet mo. america's news headquarters starts right now. hello, everybody. we begin with what has everyone talking this woke week. a global warning from the state department. two dozen consulates will be closed tomorrow because of a massive terrorist threat. some are questions about the timing and how the administration is handling this. molly is joining us live. >> president obama we are learning was briefed on the potential al-qaeda terrorist threat and there is two prongs of how the obama administration is handling the terror attack. warning all americans about international travel spectacularly in the midoast and north africa. and two embassies and consulates will close as a precaution. tomorrow is also president obama's birthday and the now president of iowa ran is supposed to be worn in. before the president left to play golf he got an upda
northern maryland, washington county near home invasiontown to west virginia, martinsburg is getting wet, i think that's going to stay north of the metro area so anything will be light, short lived and not very widespread, however, things are going to be changing as we head into the afternoon hours for today and there you can see our weather headlines featuring warm and muggy conditions. we'll see some showers and thundershowers this afternoon that could produce some heavy downpours and there could be some standing water on some of the roadways as that heavy rain comes down. but the weekend, which, of course, is upon us -- happy friday, by the way -- are looking better. we can't rule out showers altogether this weekend but the majority of it is looking better. we'll have that in your end in in a few minutes. right now from the belfort furniture weather center, we need to go to wtop, amanda is out today and bob bob is in the wtop traffic center. >> 295 moving well into town, no issues coming in on pennsylvania avenue or on route 50. we're steady headed through annapolis and bowie, coming in
west virginia and in the cumberland area if your travels take you out to west of hancock, west of hagerstown, there will be wet roads in that direction. cope that in mind. hoist, for most of us staying dry. now future radar indicating just hit or miss activity. as owe go beyond that no the day on friday looks like more robust showers breaking out and lasting no friday evening. wherever your travels may take you realize the showers and storms could be in the offing as we push toward the tame and of the week. this is a great asset to have. you'll get the watches and warnings wherever you are. annapolis today a gray, ugly sky, man, little sun breaks through here and there but not much. pretty robust chop on the seven river on a -- severn river. 79 at bwi. dew point 72. humidity has come up. days getting ever shorter. we're a matter of days before our sun sets before 8 p.m. so that will be a sign of back to school. still have some summer left. you can probably get out on the lakes. watch out for a passing shower. the possibility at left of a stray thunderstorm there. uv indices we'
in this country and energy and thinking of wheeling, west virginia and pennsylvania and like your home state of north dakota and the reasons that jobs are created there en masse is because of natural gas and carbon energy and not alternative energy products. >> yeah, it is a great up side and surprise, and no thanks dow to the administration on this. this is entrepreneurs, technologies like horizontal drilling and so forth. the thing i find funny about gin mccarthy her degree was in social anthropology with an emphasis on small animals and primitive cultures. she knows nothing about economics and nothing about economic growth and nothing about science and nothing about pollution. what is next? we are getting to a joke point here. >> emac, the president himself is speaking out as an authority on job recreation and belittles the idea that carbon energy products like the co stone poip line create role jobs, >> they cope on talking about an oil poip line that come down from canada and create 50 permanent jobs. that is not a job's plan. >> but while the president belittled carbon energy plan. his
'll talk to pat but chan an for reaction and west virginia senator joe manchin said the white white is waging a war on coal. we'll sit down with the senator and have all of the headlines coming up in 20 minutes. stay with us. you sign up and you are a full if you are on social security and low income and disable. >> nothing phony about the story. now report people are signing up and getting fro phone service subsidized for tax servicine though they don't need. mexican billionaire is reportedly making a fortune off of this u.s. government program. is it time to disconnect it good. >> yes, it is a $2.2 billion program and we who pay our phone bills pay a tax every month to pay for the program. and one thing that gets missed with the obama care infamous woman talking about social security, disability and welfare and running off the list and on top subsidizing cell phones for the people. having a cell phone is not a right. james o'keefe did an undercover investigation showing that people not qualified for the phones are selling them back and getting drug money. it is past time the fraud
showers and storms heading across the west virginia mountains. a cold front will be coming through with showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. on either side of that front, another bit of good weather comes in for the week. >> it is the day after more than 25,000 fans showed up at a training camp practice. this afternoon, the ravens return back to training camp. is there.usky >> back to the grind. of hundred -- a couple hundred fans here at owings mills. the one difference, the return of former and now current wide receiver branden stowevalley. 1989 fourth down -- fourth round draft pick play with guys like ray lewis. the reasons the ravens brought him back, he is a 15-year veteran of 89 career interceptions and 39 touchdowns. they wanted another receiver in the competition makes who has experience and could possibly become a reliable third-down option for joe flacco. branden stedwick ahman was played for the indianapolis colts and seattle and of course, the ravens, he said a peace going to come back to the nfl, this would be the place to do it. -- he said if he's going to come back t
's most powerful radar as of now. and we are nice and dry but we see showers and thunderstorms now in west virginia and also western maryland. this is working its way off towards the east. so before it's all said and done we could get showers and storms. more isolated and scattered in nature as we continue through the morning. and possibly still linger as we go into the -- lingering as we go into the afternoon. we are waiting for the cold front to move through and it will bring in the drier and milder air n ellicott city, we have-- air. in ellicott city we have clouds. partly cloudy to partly sunny across the area. in terms of temperatures this morning, well we are on the warm side. you can see 70s around the upper 60s around as well. and this is what you can expect planning the day. 86 will be the high temperature by this afternoon. let's check the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: well, we have a mass tranceth alert to tell you about -- tranceet alert to tell -- tranceth alert to tell you about -- transit alert. there's a bus bridge that's in place. and be aware utility work in the a
with while we don't have any rain immediately in the area, that rain is now in west virginia and moving in our direction, we do have cloud cover. those clouds come with dew points, some moisture out there and we'll talk about that, the dew point up around 71 degrees. feeling very tropical. 80 degrees at bwi, 08 83 elkton, 72 oakland. this is going to be lingering for a little bit. nobody knows that anymore than a man outside the black tip reef. outside to marty bass with the wjz mobile weather lab. >> reporter: thank you very much. good afternoon. this is like a bad day even in miami. it's that humid and the air is barely moving. we're at the wjz mobile weather lab. i want to show you conditions right out here outside of the aquarium. 64% humidity. here's the rub of the afternoon. as we take a look at the winds they're coming out of the southwest. we can chart gusts, we can chart direction. they are consistent and barely moving out of the southwest. that means an increased humidity level through the afternoon. that always means those showers that tim was talking about down to our southw
to 30 minutes. the heaviest activity by far is in west virginia, where we've had some reports of very heavy rain. two inches or more in hardy county, west virginia. that's moving slowly off to the east. should not impact the baltimore region. but it may impact portions of maybe frederick, washington or allegheny county. although looks like it will be moving off to the east and northeast very, very slowly. most of that will die out. we have a risk of more shower activity developing overnight. temperature-wise, we've got a little warmer today. got up to 81. last hour. now we're down to 79. 84 in d.c. and easton. 85, pax river. but the dew point is back up to a very humid 72 degrees. so talking about temperatures. chelsea is in the outback with a look at temperatures this summer. august, july. some very interesting numbers. chelsea? >> reporter: thanks, bob. when you think about it, it's been rather cool over the past couple of days. take a look at this graphic. in fact, the last time we saw a temperature in the 90s was on july 21st. that's about 17 days okay, when we had -- days ago. wh
. these boxes stacked in a west virginia closet are blazing fast, high speed routers. you paid for them, 20 grand each. they're unused. the state bought too many and the wrong ones. one and a quarter million just in this closet gathering dust for three years now, enough for a year's pay for 30 teachers. that's not all. congressional investigators questioned other spending asking if up to $230 million was wasted. >> it's the people's dollars that we're dealing with. none of it should be wasted. in this case it's obscene. >> reporter: in west virginia alone, $14 million wasted according to the state auditor there. critics worry about where the money was spent. when they did use those routers in west virginia, they put some in places like this, the small community library in shepherdstown. there are less than 5,000 annual visitors to this library who now have screaming fast service, but two local high schools nearby got none of those routers. >> of course the high schools should get it. >> i don't think the government really does a good job spending money at all. >> reporter: is the government
back for faulkner county, virginia, morgan county, west virginia, what is the other one? >> fredrick. >> i know we talk about this every year, we talked about about this earlier. if we forgot about a county, we apologize. >> kids don't read books, it is all ipads and computers. >> is it all on that? >> they are trending. >> everybody has to have a laptop or something, ipad. tablet. that is the word i am looking for. >> that was on the list. >> they are providing them. >> all of their assignments will be on there. >> modern technology. you have to evolve or get left behind. >> the book bags that weigh too much. pretty soon you'll just have a tablet. >> everything will be e-mail. >> i have five seconds for west. 66 reagan national. little warmer than yesterday. clouds in the live shot. chance for scattered showers. best chance this afternoon. a lot of what you see south and west isn't making it north. in time for the redskins game, showers will be east. we should be dry and temperatures in the 70s. that is great for people headed out for early celebration of the season. 81, few showers
of unused equipment in a closet in west virginia? well, you did. it gets worse. news political director rick klein joins us. this broke on abc world news tonight. we couldn't help having to do it too. >> part of the stimulus plan was $7 billion in high-speed internet access going to rural areas. a big chunk went to west virginia. the state auditor stepped in and found an incredible amount of waste including one closet that had more than a million dollars worth of high-speed internet routers that had too much capacity for the intended use for. it's been three years and they're still sitting there with the wrappers on. >> why aren't they being used? they can't be used? >> there's too many of them. they bought too many of them. where they have been used, we're talking about tiny libraries, some with one computer terminal. they bought the cadillac of routers, things with tens of thousands of users. they are way too much capacity for what they are. some of the library, they're so heavy, they had to build extra shelving to hold them. >> can we get a refund? >> have you tried getting money back for
from griffithsville, west virginia. for someone who is 91, she is still doing remarkably well, still living in her own house where, like most of us, she hopes to live out the final chapter of her life. she is witty and resilient, even if she is a bit uncompromising, and she's also my grandma. hey, good-looking! >> well, welcome to tootie's bed and breakfast. >> how are you, pretty lady? >> well, i'm here. >> you look good. did you go to the doctor last week? >> uh-huh. >> yeah? what did the doctor say? >> you're in good shape. >> yeah. >> he did. >> the doctor said you're good. you're clear. and she said i can stay by myself? and he said if that's what you want, you can. >> when i had my first heart attack, he said she can't be left alone, for three months. and that's been four years ago. they all say i'm doing fine. >> yeah. how often do you come by, i mean days week? >> about two. >> she takes care of my house and her house, and she is my gardner, my chauffeur. >> even though tootie still lives in her own home, she still needs help on a daily basis. >> i can do most everything, but
dollars we are deal w.none of it should be wasted. in this case it's object scene. >> west virginia alone 14 million dollars wasted according to the state auditor there. and critic worry about where the money was spent when they did use the routers in west virginia, they put some in places like this. the small community library in shepherd town. less than 5000 annual visitors to this library who now have screening fasten net service but 2 local high school near by got none of those fast routers. >> of course high school should get it. >> i don't think the government really does a good job spending money at all. >> is the government doing enough to make sure the money is well spent? we went to ask a top obama administration official responsible for most of the spending. larry strike land. >> can we ask a couple questions before the hearing. >> not before the hearing. i have to prepare thank you. >> but after being grilled by members of congress the. >> what do we have for 2.8 million dollars. >> he refused to stop. he did defen the program. >> majority of the projects quit happy with
maryland and west virginia and winchester you're getting a little bit wet at this time as well. not terribly heavy but as i say an umbrella will be good. dry and cloudy, breaks in clouds here and there. 75 in gaithersburg, 73 in culpeper, 73 in martinsburg and the temperature in annapolis this morning is 77 degrees. we're going to stay pretty socked in in the clouds through the morning hours, midday nice break, then heavy downpours late in the day. the cold front stalled out just off to our west and that's what's been keeping us in that unsettled weather pattern. the jet stream on top of us as well. but i think we're going to make a little progress as we head through the night tonight and through tomorrow and the weekend forecast has improved. pretty good since yesterday as well. our futurecast will show you those chances of showers lingering through about the middle of the morning. i think it will steer clear of the metro through the morning but this afternoon you can see things will start to kick up once again. we could see heavy rain at times. .50-inch to inch an hour will b
krystal ball. today it's actually west virginia and an up-and-comer named rod snyder. he just wrapped up two terms as president of the young democrats of america. with rod at the helm, the group helped burn for lgbt rights and made major progress toward marriage equality. last week was time for rod to clear up some unfinished business of his own by coming out in a poignant letter to his fellow young democrats. certainly grab our attention, so we wanted to grab a few minutes with rod in the guest spot. rod, thank you so much for joining us. it's great to see you. to start with, congratulations. >> thanks so much, krystal. appreciate you having me on the show. >> of course. in your letter that you sent out to your fellow young dems, you said, i'm a christian, an american, a west virginian, a young democrat, a rural advocate, a singer/song writer, a brother, a son, a grandson, a nephew, uncle, and a gay man. you belong to a lot of different communities. how are all of those different communities reacting to your news that you are a gay man? >> the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
. if you're watching us tonight across a wide stretch of the country from oklahoma to west virginia, be prepared for another drenching and more flooding. the rain totals have been astounding. in some places, ten inches in a single night. destroying homes, businesses and turning some streets into raging rapids. and tonight, there have been more deaths. nbc's kerry sanders is in nashville for us again tonight. kerry, what's it look like there now? >> good evening, lester. with more rain looming, there's a race to get soaked carpet, drywall, furniture, just about anything inside houses out before mold begins to grow. this pile behind me is just from one house here in nashville. it's a scene repeated across 17 states. hit by wicked weather. >> we're in a car that's flooding! >> the torrential rain sweeping across the midwest claimed another victim this morning. a 60-year-old man in oklahoma city was swept away in a flash flood while trying to pull his wife and daughter to safety from their stalled car. police found his body a short time later, nearly six blocks away, bringing the death
summer like weather but there are changes ahead many we see showers and storms near west virginia. that will be the kind of day we have. a partly sunny start to the day but things change. more on that and a look in detail at your most accurate weekend forecast coming up. >>> new information about the man who walked into an atlanta elementary school yesterday armed with an ak47. >> we have more on his background, his medical condition and the woman with nerves of steel who talked him down. >> classes resumed at the school. the man accused of terrorizing them, michael brandon hill, faces terrorist threats and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. hill has a history of mental health issues and a troubled past. his brother said it was only a matter of time before he went off. >> i couldn't tell you what his mind-set was when he went in there. i can tell you he's got a long hex of medical disorders and including bipolar. >> reporter: we're learning more about that hero book keep are antoinette tuft. she single handedly talked him down. >> he said no one loved him. >> i said i l
the west virginia mountains and in this general direction. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office and you know what i walked out with? [ slurps ] [ dad ] a new passat. [ dad ] 0% apr. 60 months. done and done. [ dad ] in that driveway, is a german-engineered piece of awesome. that i got for 0% apr. good one, dad. thank you, dalton. [ male announcer ] it's the car you won't stop talking about. ever. hurry in to the volkswagen best. thing. ever. event. and get 0% apr for 60 months, now until september 3rd. that's the power of german engineering. >> we are following breaking news in east baltimore, reports of an mta bus accident. taylor. to captain roy >> this is the eastbound as you approach edison highway. it is in a precarious situation where it has pretty much shut down traffic. we are still trying to get more information. >> concern is mounting over baltimore is economic future when it comes to tourism it all starts with a japanese convention. >> it is being moved to d.c. because the convention center downtown is reportedly in bad shape. >> this news comes just days before balti
a rumble of thunder because there will be a disturbance coming through west virginia into virginia and crossing through our region. it may find another atmospheric administering to trigger a thunderstorm. full steam ahead for tuesday, hard to go back to school on tuesday in frederick county because we get up to 787 degrees. so it feels like a summer day d and a lot of sunshine. here is a check of radar because not as much showing up even just an hour or so but a few sprinkles from clarkburg to dc and down into charles county. this is not amounting to muchmuh more, maybe the intermitt tent wipe. everything else has moved away a even the few showers that we were tracking, coming across lower southern maryland have dissipated. although you may be getting a few more and those will move quickly and not deposit much in the way of rain. all of this was within an area of low pressure so that's why it wasn't so great at the beaches and that storm system is pulling away. so we'll be left in the middle with clouds around and perhaps just enough breaks in the clouds to proa meet fog. off to of
. >> but abc's david kerley found $1 million wasted in a single closet in west virginia on the washington watch dog beat. [ modem handshaking ] >> reporter: speed, we crave it on the internet. a fast connection. we need it to remain competitive in a global economy says the president. >> to harness the full power of the internet. that means faster and more widely available broadband. >> reporter: the to spread broadband the government came up with $7 billion and thousands of communities have been hooked up. but take a look at this -- these boxes stacked up in a west virginia closet are blazing fast, high speed routers, you paid for them $20,000 each. they're unused. the state bought too many and the wrong ones. $1.25 million in this closet gathering dust for nearly three years now. enough for a year's pay for 30 teachers. that's not all. congressional investigators questioned other spending asking if up to $230 million was wasted. >> the people's dollars that we are dealing with. none of it should be wasted. in this case, it's obscene. >> reporter: in west virginia alone, $14 million wasted acco
on a whole lot in maryland but in west virginia we have heavy rain coming in across the area. this is courtesy of a disturbance working into the area ahead of a cold front and a few more riding along cold front as we go -- along the cold front as we go through the rest of the day until it passes tonight. going outside in havre de grace, gorgeous. a beautiful sunrise this morning. and we will get sunshine in here as we go throughout the day. and that's why i will call it partly cloudy with a chance for isolated and scattered showers and storms in the forecast for us. now in terms of temperatures, this is what we are dealing with this morning. we are at 73 degrees in baltimore right now. annapolis at 71. glenwood is at 69 degrees. and good morning hickory. you are at 68 degrees right now. centerville 71. northeast 68. mardela springs coming in at 69 degrees. and at the surface, this is what's going on. so this is the cold front that's i am talking about. this will move through by tonight hear are the dis-- here are the disturbances. the energy will push in here and i will keep
of the activity focused on western pennsylvania, west virginia. this is drifting into western maryland. these will be the areas that ve to face more of the scattered showers and storms tonight. we will talk about when the stormy pattern could finally end coming up. >> still ahead, travelers may have been caught a little bit off guard. womenause dozens of staged a nurse in. why did breastfed in protest in which airline was their target. plus -- is nowuse of horrors gone. now beginning the healing. >> a serious challenge for least one group of students. the house were three kidnapped women were held captive came crashing to the ground today. it is being called a house of horrors. and take of the victims are trying to move forward in the city of cleveland. to go the house was reduced to a pile of rubble in less than two hours, part of a recovery and healing process that is really only just beginning. >> michelle night, the woman held captive inside the house belonged is returned this morning with yellow balloons and the message of hope. i want the people out there to know, including the m
a new opponent in the fall, and it's from his very own party. west virginia state senator evan jenkins is leaving the democratic party after 20 years and joining the republican party to run for congress. why has he changed parties? he joins us now to explain. senator jenkins, thanks a lot for coming on. so you've been a democrat -- >> it's great to be with you. >> -- for 20 years. have you changed or has the party changed? >> it's clear that the party changed, and the agendas being driven out of washington. i've served currently in the legislature for 17 years. i've championed issues like jobs opportunity for west virginians, secure financial future for our retirees. we balance our budget, fiscally responsible. i've been a democratic conservative over these number of years, but i've seen what has happened in washington, driven by obama and his left-leaning, left-liberal agenda and the impact that it's having on our state, our jobs, our families, our children, our retirees, and this war on coal is just him doubling down on something that's going to be very destructive for west virginia.
on coal is just him doubling down on something that's going to be very destructive for west virginia. >> so the president hasn't hid his anti-coal agenda. he's been pretty straightforward about it. he doesn't like coal, doesn't think we should get our power from coal. tell me the effects on your state of that policy. how has it hurt west virginia? >> it's going to be devastating. and you're right, tucker, he talked about in his first term about his environmental policy. but he has gotten a lot more specific in recent years, and certainly in the last few months and now into his final term, he has doubled down on his attack of the coal industry, the coal jobs, the things that fuel west virginia. what this will mean for west virginia is significant loss of jobs. we have 60,000 miners in west virginia, and that industry is going to take a real hit. but it's not just the miner families and their children and the benefits and the retirees that depend upon those jobs to pay their pension and health care benefits. it also means increased utility rates for all of west virginians. >> yeah. >>
and storms this afternoon. still have some light stuff across portions of ohio, west virginia. most of it's died out. still a batch of light showers could hit us overnight. and then tomorrow this front approaches from the west. there is drier air behind it. i think it may get just south of baltimore. we might see some drying on saturday north of the city. otherwise, stay humid with a risk of scattered showers over the weekend. winds at the bay southwest at 10 knots. overnight, a few showers possible here and there. 72 tomorrow, back up to 87, showers, and maybe a heavier thunderstorm. could be flooding downpours in some spots as we saw yesterday and today. 88 on saturday. not posting any showers except south of us. sunday a little better -- 87 and 86. temperatures near normal. slight chance of a shower monday and again on tuesday. >> thank you, bob. coming up, ravens play their first game since the super bowl. >> starting over with the first pre-season game at tampa bay. we have more coming up in sports. ,,,,,, caramel mocha. caramel almond. caramel turtle. [ sighs ] that would've been aw
of unused equipment in a closet in west virginia? well, you did. and it gets worse. the story broke on world news tonight. what happened? >> so part of the stimulus plan was $7 billion in high speed internet access going to rural communities primarily. a big chunk of this money went to west virginia. and that's where the state auditor stepped in and found waist. one closet had more than a million dollars worth of high speed internet routers that first of all had too much capacity for even what their intended use was, but they don't have a use for them. they've been sitting there in storage. and they're still sitting there with the wrappers on. >> why are they not being used? >> there's too many of them. and where they have been used -- here's the thing. we're talking about tiny libraries. they went out and bought the cadillac of routers, things that are for universities, hospitals. things with tens of thousands of yusers. some of the libraries, they're so heavy they had to build extra shelving just to hold these things. >> can we turn them in and get a refund? >> have you tried getting money
the university of california santa barbara in second place. university of illinois at urbana-champaign. >> west virginia and syracuse. and on the bottom, bringham young university. >>> look at this bold statement oprah is making on the cover of the new "o" magazine. the massive wig weighs 3 1/2 pounds. >> she claims it's her favorite cover ever. i kind of like it, too. ♪ shield...sneeze...swish ♪ this back to school, there's a new routine ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues with sneeze shield are now thicker and more absorbent. in this lab demo, they help stop moisture better than the leading competitors. ♪ mm. now he's totally huggable. i wash everything with tide plus downy. makes his clothes soft and clean... just like one of my teddy bears. more like a grizzly bear. a teddy bear. that's my tide. what's yours? ♪ a teddy bear. let busy treats entertain your dog with playful shapes, long lasting layers, savory flavors, and mesmerizing textures. get busy. the world's most entertaining treats. . >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thank you for star
schools include syracuse university, west virginia, the university of illinois at urbana-champaign, the university of california santa barbara. number one in the best party schools? the university of iowa. >>> straight ahead, all your sports headlines when "early today" returns. >>> monday not a good day for the yankees. first yankees star alex rodriguez gets suspended. hours later, the crowd gives their judgment. listen to this. >> number 13, alex rodriguez. [ booing ] >> yeah, no love for a-rod's first at-bat this season for the yankees. he does single. it ain't enough. the white sox with the rout there, 8-1. did i mention derek jeter on the disabled list again. not good for the yankees. or closed caption of the crowd, boos. reacting to the 13 suspensions, mark mcgwire, a prominent baseballer from the '90s steroid era saying just really hope and pray that this is the end of it. everybody, especially the players, don't want any more part of it. and i hope this is the end of it. i wish i was never part of it. >>> 15, 14 plus another. the dodgers unstoppable on the road. l
and realized they were broke. charlton, west virginia, they're paying for retiree cost out of the budget. that is a ponzi scheme. that can only last for a couple more months. >> making promises that you can't afford to keep won't work. but it will take another big city to go bust before you sit down and negotiate the other -- >> david: which one do you think it will be? >> it could be chicago. they have a disaster coming up in 2016. that might force something on that. an area to get create i on is the health savings account for retirees and the current workers that give people money they control. it costs less. >> david: isn't the administration going in the opposite direction? >> yes, but there is nothing like reality if you're a mayor facing bankruptcy to sit down and do reforms. >> you want to talk about chicago? >> illinois is case and point. their pension costs are 2.5 times what the state brings in tax revenue. the taxpayers, it's so unfair. sabrina is right. it's so unfair what is happening to u.s. taxpayers across the country as the property taxes go up when we have beach lifegua
and new york, but also states like mississippi, south carolina, west virginia, wyoming, iowa, all of which use this mid deem charge rather than felony. and what we find in these 13 other states is that there are higher rates of drug treatment participation, lower rates of drug use, and even slightly lower rates of violent and property crime. so again, we can prove we can have safer communities. and then of course there are the unintended consequences of a felony conviction. consequences that really can cause great damage to a young life for many decades out. the very three things that can keep someone successfully in his or her recovery, access to housing, education and employment are put farther out of reach because of a felony conviction, especially in a down economy, someone with a felony has great difficulty even accessing 5 a job that pays minimum wage. putting these felony convictions to a whole population of young people, we really perpetuate a chronic underclass which benefits none of us. and then of course there's the inequity in the criminal justice system. even though we can sho
there was no del walters because i was the first african-american on the airwaves in my hometown of wheeling, west virginia, that was the result of martin luther king's dream. >> basically, del, they paved the way for you, and you paved the way for me. that's just fact. thank you very much. firefighters worked to control western wildfires. this is fire spread to an american landmark and threatening a major city's of electricity. and in syria pushing for an investigation of alleged chemical weapons use. [[voiceover]] no doubt about it, innovation changes our lives. opening doors ... opening possibilities. taking the impossible from lab ... to life. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. >>my name is ranjani chakraborty, i'm from houston, texas. >>i'm kim bondy. >>nicole deford. >>and i'm from new orleans. >>san francisco, california. when i was a little kid, i just really loved the news. >>news
showers are coming into play here across parts of virginia, west virginia, and as well as noodle dell and maryland. these showers could be heavy at times so your morning compute could be rougher there. let's take a look at temperatures today. your high temperatures for new york, 86 degrees. down towards washington, 88. up towards boston we expect to see 70 degrees. across the board those temperatures are going to be coming down by the time we get to the weekend and it will be a beautiful weekend across the big apple. on sunday, a sunny day at 81 degrees there. down towards the southeast, as i said the rain showers are getting better but they're not completely out of the picture. we're looking at a few flood watches still in affect mostly for the southern part of georgia and south carolina. parts of florida we expect to see some showers staying to the forecast. unfortunately towards alabama that's where we expect to see some of the heaviest rain over the next day. today, atlanta, 86 degrees for you. it's going to be a warm day at 90. and houston, 94 degrees there. the forecast across t
and west virginia congresswoman shelly mark ped dough are two of the prominent women leaders mentioned by a new super pac. recruiting more republican women to run for office. >>> thousands rallied in washington saturday for the 50th anniversary of the 1963 march on washington. john lewis talked about what it was like before that historic march. >> when i first came to washington in 1961, the same year that president barack obama was born to go on freedom rides, black people and white people couldn't be seated on a bus or a train together to travel through the south. >> former secretary of state colin powell commented on the trayvon martin verdict on "face the nation." >> i think that it will be seen as a questionable judgment on the part of the judicial system down there, but i don't know if it will have staying power. these cases come along and blaze across the midnight sky and then after a period of time they're forgotten. >>> texas senator ted cruz admitted republicans do not have the votes to defund obama care, but says he is, quote, not convinced that president obama wouldn't defu
as well as down here towards washington, west virginia, pennsylvania, ohio we expect to you see the strongest storms by wednesday afternoon. the highs on wednesday look like this, a beautiful day and we have clouds coming in to the forecast at 85 degrees. philadelphia, 88, albany, 84 degrees there. for new york, it looks like the temperatures will stay in the mid 80s. we think the hottest day will be on saturday at the beginning of the labor day weekend. up to 86 degrees by sunday. down towards the south we're seeing rain especially towards ngo. we have a disturbance coming off the bahamas. over towards orlando it will get a little bit better, but for new orleans you'll start to see better conditions. the highs for you on wednesday about 92 degrees there. look at shreveport, louisiana, we expect to see a high of 99. then in atlanta we have thunderstorms rumbling across the regions on thursday and into the low 90s with sunday looking at 91 degrees. >> it started 50 years ago as one of the largest demonstrati demonstrations in u.s. history. today the celebration of the most famous
washington, d.c. this is heavy in west virginia, moving toward virginia. darker colors are the heavy rain predicted in the next 24 hours. light rain this morning around washington, d.c., still a few showers and thunderstorms are possible in washington this afternoon. dries out thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, offer the weekend, temperatures just below 90, so it's not really heating up that much, not cooling off, as well. the only thing that changes is the rain clears out. heating up, these are the current temperatures, mid 70's already up to 80 in fargo, north dakota. heat advisories for that same area, this is fog around the great lakes. that wilburn off and things will heat up. temperatures by this afternoon could be up to 100 in rapid city, 99 in omaha, minneapolis 92. the heat index could be above 100 degrees, again, maybe closer to 110 like yesterday. the radar in the clouds showing a cluster of thunderstorms north and south dakota, pushing east around this big area of high pressure that keeps the heat in place. the temperatures will warm up there and there's maybe the possibility
. the radar has heavy flooding in west virginia yesterday. right now it's all clear. the future computer forecast shows the rain will stay in canada, maybe a few light showers across the northeast with drizzle. temperatures are into the 70's, climbing into the lower 80's today, so nice and comfortable here in the northeast. >> death by lethal injection, that should be the fate of nidal hasan, a military jury delivered the verdict for the former army major who killed 14 people at fort hood in 2009. >> you may want to allow more time to get your fast food today with that workers set to walk off the job, protesting low wages. >> i'm john henry smith. college football star johnny moon zeal received his punishment, but was it really a punishment at all? launched a new and needed voice in journalism. the new york times calls it "serious, straight-forward news". "accurate, responsible" says the washington post. and the baltimore sun says, "instantly engaging and powerful". al jazeera america, there's more to it. >> what are the laws going to begin to take effect? >> reporter: the laws do not go
scattered activity. you can see out toward west virginia where most of the rain is coming down. perhaps some will drift over maryland. could wake up to drops on the windshield there, maybe as it hits the wipers. if that newspaper is still delivered to your house, get that thing before this gets soaked in the plastic. a slow moving front, dry air behind it. this would be nice if like fall it would sweep through the east coast and big sunshine would roll in behind this. this thing is going to come down land then stall it looks like over maryland, over virginia for at least a delay or two. that will linger into our weekend, unfortunately, so the sunshine probably scarce until we were get into maybe sunday. proppic area of interest north of venezuela south of the u.s. territory or puerto rico. tonight down to 69, just a few showers, patchy fog at daybreak. factor that into your morning drive. 86 tomorrow afternoon, getting more seasonal temperature wise. we could get an hour or two when the sun breaks through and an hour or two of rain. really over the next three days. unfortunately, i've had to
story. >> reporter: he was expected to uphold the law instead west virginia circuit judge michael thornsberry is accused of rigging the wheels of justice to put his former lovers husband behind bars. >> i had no idea nor would i have ever dreamed that a judge would have been behind criminal charges being charged against someone innocent of crime. >> he began a relationship with his secretary five years ago, but after she ended it, prosecutors say that he tried to get someone to plant illegal drugs under her husband's pickup truck and asked for police to stop and search the vehicles. the plot fell apart when the person who agreed to plant the drugs backed out. the judge maintains his innocence. >> the truth will be told. >> he's charged with also hatching another plan with having a state trooper for stealing scrap metal. the husband was arrested on grand larceny charges according to the indictment. the judge went even further, manipulating a state grand jury to push forward criminal charges against his rival. the foreman he put in charge of the grand j secret business partner count
's the capital of west virginia? charleston. nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread my whole family loves. mom, have you seen my -- backpack? nutella goes great on whole-wheat toast or whole-grain waffles. and its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. yeah, bye. have you seen my -- yes. and...thank you. [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. >>> checking our top stories. a reunion for 16-year-old hannah anderson with her father after an fbi rescue team swooped in and killed her kidnapper in the idaho wilderness where he was hiding. >>> attorney general eric holder recommending changes today to how some nonviolent drug offenders are prosecuted. >>> a hotel near disney world had to be evacuated after a sink hole caused the building to collapse. >>> let's look at today's weather. showers for detroit, chicago, and st. louis. severe storms from wichita and tulsa. heavy rain from not mt. to new mexico. >>> across the pond we go. from the royal baby watch to royal fanny watch. >> the buzz around london i
possible in nature. but our eye takes to us west virginia where we are seeing heavy rain across the area courtesy of a disturbance along the cold front. and with that, we have the possibility for this to move into our area. so some of that energy could get in here going throughout the day. and here it is. this is what looks like at the surface. there's the little disturbances there and there's the cold front and the front is on the move behind that cold front. that's when we start to smile because we get the more mild conditions in here and the drier air will work the way in here. so what does that mean? we will feel more pleasant and feel much better outside. as we take it into the gulf of mexico still watching the disturbance right here. but it has a 10% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours but the national hurricane center ismonitoring it. as we look at temperatures we are at average. 7 # degrees in baltimore. 73 in stevensville and 67 in parkton and 69 in emets burg -- emmitsburg and nothing going towards the weekend. that's how we like it. high pressure is go
biggest year ever. 63 professional competition teams as far away from arizona. teams from west virginia competing in the amateur event. 21 food vendors. nearly 100 exhibitors and crafters. this is the place to be. >> all day long. 50 competition teams or so. the grand prize is approaching $3,000. >> $2800 plus an automatic invite to the american royal, jack daniels invitational. >> one last thought,al a harford county local, what does it mean to you to see this event grow so much each year? >> i came here from baltimore 10 creditors ago. this is amazing to see everybody come out and enjoy themselves. live music. it's amazing. >> you get the fresh air and the great atmosphere and really good food. >> it is. >> we'll show you the forecast. take a look at that. pulled pork from the smoke house boast, about 12 hours in the making. that's one sample of what people can get. >> a little glimpse of the professionals. >> if only they can smell it. >> outstanding job. let's give you the rest of the forecast for the maryland barbecue bash 2013. chance for a passing shower by 9:00, 10:00. come on u
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